Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Thoughts for the day

I read an article last April in Harper's by Erik Reece about strip mining in the Appalachian Mountains - how whole mountain tops are being bulldozed and leveled, and how it affects the locals.

Turns out the author wrote a book, featured here in I was so angry by the time I finished Reece's article in Harper's, I'm scared to pick up the book.

But maybe others should.

- - - - -

Leave it to Sen. Russ Feingold to raise some much-needed hell.

A few days ago I railed against fellow Democrats for being wimps. Well, Feingold is feeling the same way, especially in relation to the "Patriot" Act. In December, Dems also blocked an extension of the act's provisions. Lately, however, they've displayed their wimpiness yet again.

Democrats could fight, Feingold says. "Instead, too many Democrats have folded, and momentum for critical changes to the Patriot Act to protect our freedoms has been squandered. Some Democrats may be breathing sighs of relief that the president can't use this issue to paint them as "soft" on terrorism. But we're not doing the party or the country any favors by refusing to challenge an administration that views our freedoms as collateral damage in the war on terrorism. If Democrats aren't going to stand up to an executive who disdains the other branches of government and doesn't worry about trampling on the rights of innocent Americans, what do we stand for?"

Amen, brother.

- - - - -

Last night I played "Mr. Bah-humbug."

I walked into Meijer to grab some groceries and saw a bunch of schmucks in the flower section. Talk about last minute.

I joked with the greeter about "last-minute Joes." Mostly blue-collar guys (it was east-end Meijer, after all), a few more wandering over to the candy aisle.

Suckers, all of them.

But I'd probably be doing the same thing under different circumstances...

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