Saturday, December 30, 2006

ATO Founder's Day 2006

This has probably been a long-time coming (oh, since about April), but I finally got the pictures from Founder's Day/Weekend developed.

You can head to my Flickr account to see all of them, but here's some highlights for ATOs who are interested.

We played the usual wiffle ball game in the backyard, but this year is was all us Old Balls versus the current guys.

Thankfully we had our star picture (and my big bro) John Neff.

We also started up an impromptu poker tournament. Is that Neff looking at my ass?

Driver was so excited about the tournament he...well, he fell asleep. It was probably more because of a bunch of older 20-somethings trying to stay up late like rock stars. This is the result.

Gobble gobble. I don't know why me, Neff and Driver were doing the Wild Turkey salute. That was...Jesus...about seven years ago, and I'm surprised Driver would volunteer to relive such a painful reminder.

Rockin' the Freestyle, it's Gugin, Cowboy and Keith (with Driver hidden in the back) in Neff's very suburban, very domestic Ford SUV. Where were we going? Probably a late breakfast, to moan about our aches and pains from the night before.

Ugly as this is, it's before everything got really nasty. "Piano Man," Alpha Mu style. I was unprepared - I didn't wear my orange boxers, but they'll do. I think this is the first time I've seen Gugin's ass from this angle.

This is the last morning, just before Driver took off for Parts Unknown. He was the big traveler of the weekend, flying up from the southern lands to be with us.

The obligatory "In front of the crest" shot, with all the alumni who made it (except for Jim, Brent, and Nemo).

ATOs - feel free to steal the pics off my Flickr account. I know Gugin and I were always the big picture-takers in the fraternity, and I don't mind playing historian.

Hope all of you have a safe and happy New Year.

Love and respect.

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