Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Leavin' on a jet plane

Goodbye, cruel mock-spring.

Not that Orlando is looking all that sunny here lately, but hey - it's beats the snow we're supposed to get, right?

I'm taking off to collect my marketing award tomorrow at the CSCU Annual Meeting, right after work's quarterly meeting. Our HR rep got my flight, my room, and all the details taken care of. All I have to do is show up at the airport, luggage in hand, and enjoy a kind-of four day vacation.

One day includes a whole afternoon at the Disney park of my choice, which is kind of cool. The rest of the time I'll either be sitting in a conference room, eating, or lounging pool-side and sipping on some alcoholic beverage served to me by some Norwegian nympho who gladly takes Canadian coins for tips.

Ah, Florida.

So for a few days I'll be off the grid, in a way. I'm taking the trusty iBook G3, and my ethernet cable, just in case there's a plug-in in the room (I'm betting there is). In which case I can post photos and rants in my drunken haze.

Because, let me tell you, credit union folks know how to party. Don't call us "bankers." Call us "fun." Or perhaps "paid less than bankers."

And us graphic designers know a free lunch when we see one. I'll be doing my victory lap, sure, but the resort must know better than to trust credit union card service executives to the veritable mini-bar keys. I've heard stories.

With titles like "How to solidify member relationships with credit cards" and "Take the fear out of risk-based pricing" - the seminars are sure to be a hoot. I'll come back to those bastards at the Michigan Credit Union League, slap my learnin' on the barrelhead, and show them how to righteously Take Control of these annual meetings.

That, or just come back with a decent tan.

Wish me luck friends: Dave's leavin' for the big time.

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