Thursday, August 9, 2007

Shiny and new.

How slick is that?

It's the new iMac, a slight overhaul of the G5 design - and boy is it pretty.

The metal only makes sense: with the Mac Pro, Mac Mini, iPod shuffles and nanos, and Macbook Pros, the aluminum seems to be the new standard.

I like the white, personally. It's served Apple well since the iMac G4 (my favorite), and it looks spiffy on my iBook.

When I'm ready to grab a desktop system, this will be it.


Anonymous said...

I prefer the white. My mom has an iMac G4 and I'm trying to buy it from her. No luck yet.
Speaking of, what's a good cleaning solvent for the inside of the iBook? mine's all grungy and I don't want to hurt my baby.

Anonymous said...

p.s. thank you for the apple sticker. I JUST got it a couple days ago. ha!
ALSO speaking of apple...
would you happen to have any macs you'd be willing to sell (or even donate.. haha) for the good of my new business? I'll have my own studio soon and I need all the editing/organizational equipment I can get my hands on. or do you know anyone who refurbs or sells them for cheap?

dave said...

Glad you got the sticker - Jason also asked me about the used Mac thing, and I may just have a clamshell G3 iBook handy that I could part with.

To clean, I use those wet nap things you clean your glasses with, or get at BBQ places.

The G4 iMac will always be my favorite Mac. It has a personality that just can't be beat.