Sunday, October 14, 2007

MessagePad Jabberwocky

I've started a new blog, and it involves poetry and my Apple MessagePad 110.

Go here to see it.

I started it for several reasons:

(A) To play around with WordPress
(B) To play around with my Newton
(C) To get myself to read some poetry
(D) To become a world-famous blogger

I use my stylus to write down poems on the MessagePad. It translates them, usually spitting out gibberish, and I blog whatever comes out.

It's inane, and silly, but it's fun. And it got me reading Perrine's "Sound and Sense" - something I haven't picked up since English Literature Studies.

Check it out, and leave a suggestion for the Newton.

1 comment:

Fedor said...

good luck on this blog. Aite. respekt