Friday, September 30, 2005

Satan has longhorns

I'm making popcorn in our credit union lobby to celebrate the big Michigan/Michigan State game tomorrow at noon.

"Do you have a bag that's maroon?" a gentleman - rich cabernet-colored shirt, blue jeans, deep southern accept - asks.

No sir, I say, just MSU and Michigan colors today.

"Well, do you read the Bible?" he asks.

Not enough to pick my sports teams, I answer.

"In Genesis, around the beginning - I don't remember the verse - it says God built Texas A&M University for Jesus to go to school," he says. "It's in there - you can read it when you get home. So I was hoping you'd have a maroon-colored bag for me."

So the Longhorns fell to Earth with Satan?

"We don't speak of such things indoors," he says. "My mother would wash my mouth out with soap if I ever mentioned the University of Texas."

Amen, I say.

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