Monday, September 26, 2005

We ain't goin' to the town (we're going to the city)

Saw Interpol at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor last night.

This was after a whirlwind weekend spent in Royal Oak with friends Shanita and Andrea. I got to Ann Arbor about 3:00 yesterday, went and saw the Pop Art exhibit at the univerity's museum, read for a bit at Borders, then had a tuna sandwhich at some deli.

The show was great, but I was a bit suprised at the crowd. I had figured Interpol fans would be the long-haired, suit-jacket-wearing, tight-pants strutting kids that I've seen so much these days. And there were some of them, but there were some normal folks too - and that was nice. I didn't stick out like I do at KMFDM shows.

The band has one of the most amazing light shows I've seen so far. Paul Banks and tailored-suit crew were bathed in monochromatic light - strong reds, blinding whites, deep blues - that gave them an otherwordly look. And boy did they sweat.

I was disappointed that the band didn't address the crowd more - Paul gave a few "thank yous" and it was Daniel's (guitarist) birthday. But they mainly just stood there and played. Carlos D., the bassist, looked like he was having the most fun. But any guy wearing a shirt, tie, and gun holster should be having fun.

I remember how I came to Interpol - it was the summer of 2003, and I was at Dayna's, when this band that I thought sounded like the Tragically Hip came on 89X. Monotone voice, oblique lyrics - it was Gord for sure. But instead it was "PDA" off Interpol's first album, Turn on the Bright Lights. I didn't think much more of them after that, but then Antics came out. I volunteered to review it for Crush Music, and just fell in love.

But it's weird: what would a Midwestern average guy dig about a hip, well-dressed outfit from NYC?

It doesn't matter why. They just rock.

And because they've only released two albums, I heard most of my favorites last night. "Slow Hands" especially, but also "Public Pervert" and "PDA." Very spooky, very atmospheric, and it all translates really well live.

Maybe a little too well. I can't imagine a live CD being very interesting or novel.

But anyway, check them out if you get the chance.


"I'll suprise you, sometime - I'll come around
When you're down."
- 'Untitled'

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