Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hail to the victors

Life continues to be full of surprises.

One of our VPs at work Friday announced she had tickets to the Michigan/Iowa game - and I was one of three employees to win a pair.

It was my first game, which is a shame considering how big of a fan I am. But I finally got my chance.

I took Don, of course, and met up with Jeanna and Stacy from work. The weather folks called for rain, but it turned out to be a perfect afternoon for football.

The game was close up until the second half, when Iowa's defense finally gave way and Michigan's offense got up to full steam. Two rushing touchdowns, a hot dog and chips, and a memorable experience that I'll never forget.

There's nothing like pounding your fist in the air during "Hail to the Victors." In high school, Don and I got to play with the U of M marching band. I managed to smuggle a copy of the fight song out of Ann Arbor - so Don and I could learn it back home. That was as close as I've ever come to a true Wolverines experience.

But now I can say I went, and had fun.

And they won, 20-6, and remain the second-placed team in the country.

Hail to the leaders and the best.

[check out photos here]

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