Friday, October 13, 2006

Where the wild things are

Off the grid, and on to Adrian, for the weekend - Homecoming 2006.

Just arrived on campus, and looking forward to seeing the guys and everyone else again.

First one to meet me at the house: Mr. Dan Hedgcock (aka, Hedgpoop).

Met up with Mr. Karl Epps in Ridge.

Staying at Motel ATO - in my old room, Room 4, the one with the Gore/Lieberman stickers all over the door, an effort to frustrate one of the few Republican brothers we've had.

The day will only get better, of course, once we get Down to Business, ATO-style.

"Wherever you may travel, a brother you will know" our creed says, but you don't really know a brother like you do on your home turf.

This will be the last hurrah - a swan song of sorts - because this is my last year as the board of trustees president. And it comes at a good time, because Adrian is changing, the fraternity is changing, and I suppose I'm changing, too.

Can't wait to see everyone.


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