Saturday, July 19, 2008

The week in iPhone pictures.

One of the reasons I was so excited to get an iPhone was the camera: most cell phone cameras strike me as pretty shitty, but even at only 2 megapixels, my 3G camera doesn't do too bad a job. I've had it for a week now. Let's see how it's going.


Wah-wah. Keith and I, a day after the madness, stopped by the Ann Arbor Apple Store to shop for phone cases. The folks at the store said they sold out that morning. Lucky me!


On our way to Detroit, Keith and I stopped by a giant used book store downtown so he could grab a book for his doctoral research. Inside, I found the complete editorials


We found Driver, in town from D.C., by the statues at Comerica Park. The Tigers lost by a run, but we had tons of fun with Driver's crew from Deadspin. Those bloggers are funny folk.

Grilling out

Tuesday, Carolyn hosted a grill out at her house - complete with horseshoes, watermelon, and plenty of burgers and dogs.

Grandma in the garden

Grandma in the garden. The beetles were after her roses again. Everything has been in full bloom this year, she says - more than any year before.


Thursday I took a Macintosh IIci over to Curtis's to see if we could get it working again. We did, but not before I played a little Galaxian on his Apple IIe (left).


Downtown Jackson on a hot-ass Friday afternoon. We were setting up for our Teen Idol event, which takes place at the wonderful Riverwalk Amphitheater by the Consumers Energy HQ. Nothing is alive in this section of the Grand River, but it makes for a nice scene.


This morning I hopped into my car to find this little guy (or girl) sitting on my windshield. My grandma thinks it's a little baby hawk. It was fat, that's all I know, I didn't fly away until right before I drove off.

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