Thursday, November 10, 2005

If it's a lie, terrorists made me say it

Senator John McCain is sponsoring a bill to abolish torture, in any respect, by American service personnel.

It seems McCain, better than anyone in the Bush administration (who threatens to veto any anti-torture legislation), would know something about the subject. He was a POW, and was tortured.

I read a column where Leonard Pitts asked "Why should American turn to the moral standards of the supposed terrorists?" In other words: some argue we should torture terrorists because they torture victims. Does that make us equal with terrorists?

And frankly, does torture even work?

I find it appalling that America would stoop to the same techniques that Saddam Hussein and the current North Korean regime used/use to abuse their citizens. Terrorists, American citizen, or even some bum off the street - everyone deserves fair and humane treatment by the supposed "Defender of Freedom and Liberty."

Secret prisons, off-shore detention facilities - it all seems so sneaky and underhanded. If these terrorists and criminals have broken the law, American or international, they you should give them the same fair trial and humane treatment that any red-blooded American receives.

If they're guilty, then punish them accordingly. But only after the conviction.

Write your congress person and senator and tell them to support McCain's bill.

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