Wednesday, May 3, 2006

On flying versus driving - and looking for a Second Mate

Tickets from LAX to Detroit Metro, one-way, are about $150 average.

Driving? Well, that would be 2,500 miles / 30-miles-a-gallon = 83 gallons of gas X $3/gallon = about $250.

Plus a few days off my car rental.

Maybe it makes more sense to fly back from Los Angeles than to drive.

Anyone up for picking up a world-weary traveler May 27?

* * * * *

On another Route 66 note, I should be hearing back from my lil' bro Andrew whether he's taking the trip with me or not. A recent graduate, he thought he might have some time between his job search to join me on my quest.

But I have a feeling he won't make it.

Anyone else up for a trip from Friday, May 19 to Memorial Day Weekend involving 5,000 miles, 12 or so states, an economy-sized car, at least a $1,000 budget, a bit of navigation and driving, and the best time of your life?

If so, please fill out the attached "Route 66 Application":


I enjoy these types of music:

Bold yes or no if you:

Know north from south - YES NO
Get along with Dave on most days - YES NO
Enjoy traveling - YES NO
Have thought about traveling across country - YES NO
Tip wait staff at least 15% - YES NO
Have all your immunizations - YES NO
Are wanted in states other than Michigan - YES NO
Have at least $1,000 to spend - YES NO

What are your feelings on the U.S. highway system?:

Would you say you're a speeder or a granny? Why or why not?

Name one experience you've had with road rage, and how you responded:

Is there life on other planets?:

Sign here*:


I, the above signer of Dave's stupid application, do agree to pony up at least half of the gas and car rental bill - and agree that some days will go without showers or hotel rooms, all in the name of exploration and "finding one's self." I also agree to not annoy Dave in the car with stupid license plate games and travel songs, and cede all authority to music choice and playlists to Dave - pending Dave's veto. I'm not in any rush to get back to Michigan, and if we don't get back until Memorial Day, I can dig it. By signing I also remove Dave from any responsibility from my health, well-being, or sanity. I also agree to have fun. God Bless 'Merica.

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